The Enemy Within

Highway to Mutants

The ghost of Yohan Gurst wanted the adventurers to inform his wife, Greta, of his passing. So they did – with surprising compassion! Normally they’d kick the door in, tell her to shut up and move on – but the fear of Morr was upon them.

‘Be nice to the ghost – he’ll help us later!’

‘So, what were we doing again? Oh yeah! To Altdorf!’

And off they set, again. Time was running out. The prince and his hangers-on would be leaving Altdorf soon, best get going they thought.

After a brief shopping trip, they took passage on the next coach heading south to the capital, Altdorf. Barrick was feeling light of purse, Thyrann’s pouch was bulging with coin. Thyrann secured a seat within the carriage itself, next to a lady of nobility, and her burly female bodybuilding bodyguard. In an uncharacteristic show of friendliness, Thyrann lent Barrick the coach fare so that he, Reiner and Garrett could ride on top of the coach.

[In an alternate reality, Barrick, not feeling grateful for the loan of money, wanted to take Thyrann’s seat inside. There was reports of face palming and everything…]

But Barrick took his rightful place atop the coach.

The coach driver and his security detail finally showed up, and in an all too familiar accent, yelled the horses into action. They were on their merry way…
Artists impression of the coach the hero Reiner and his sidekicks rode upon.
Garrett spent the journey pointing his arrows at the moving leaves. They rustled in fear of ‘Safe-shot’ as the coach trundled past. The road was bumpier than Barricks trousers after the demon encounter, and took its toll as one of the wheels popped off. But with Reiner and Barricks help (Thyrann supervised) the wheel was soon back on.

Further along, a body was seen lying by the roadside. The coach stopped. Something was hunched over the body…eating. The mutant thing turned towards the coach, and rushed it. The horses bolted and broke free of their harness. Garrett recognised the mutant as an old drinking buddy – it was suspected that a night on the town with Garrett had reduced this once normal soul to a flesh eating mutant – but those suspicions remain unproven.

Reiner ‘The Battery’ Wolfcastle, because he is ‘everready’, kicked the beast down off the coach before it could attack the driver. And in a decimating blow, cleaved Garretts mutant friend in two. It was a good kill.

The coach man bravely ran into the woods after the horses. He didn’t have much luck. Garrett ‘Safe-shot’ became Garrett ‘Blind-shot’ as he readied his bow and thumped an arrow into the coachmans shoulder the moment the hapless coachman emerged from the woods.

Much tutting and head shaking ensued.

Garrett noticed that just around the bend in the road ahead, there was a commotion. A battle? He ran towards it, leaving everyone else behind (a recurring theme). Reiner and Barrick took to the treeline and cut through the forest to reach the commotion under cover. They saw an overturned coach, and bodies. Mutant beasts were feasting on the dead travellers.

A battle ensued. Barrick let loose with his crossbow, and Reiner went toe-to-toe with one of the beasts. Garrett fired (from the safety of the tree-line) towards the melee.

One beast remained, and it saw it was outnumbered. It fled, and Garrett went in pursuit…into the woods…deep into the woods. Where those things live. Where all sorts of nasty things live. It ran, and he ran – but being the persistant type, Garrett caught it, and brought back its head – cos he likes to brag.

Meanwhile back at the grisly scene, something very strange was spotted.

One of the dead men from the overturned coach was a dead ringer for Barrick. They searched his body and found he had a letter of identity, a ring, and that he was heir to a noble title and estate, and a sum of 20,000 gold! Cuh-ching! His name was Castor Lieberbraum, and the letter was to be brought to a legal office in the town of Bogenhafen. The town was south of Altdorf, we they were heading in the right direction anyway.

Barrick took about 3 nanoseconds to go along with Thyrann’s insistence that he pretend to be this dead man and claim the money. They all thought it was a capital idea. Until Garrett returned…

Garrett wouldn’t look at the body! Instead he must have remembered from before, that the man being eaten was wearing armour. It had Garrett’s name on it. But before he could graverob, roadwardens appeared. Everyone told their tale, and the roadwardens understood and thanked everyone for their part in slaying the mutants. Garrett was told off by the roadwardens for trying to take armour off the body, so in an uncharacteristic moment of agreement, he left the armour alone.

They buried the bodies, quickly. Not wanting anyone else to see the lookalike corpse, they chucked that man in first, and covered him with others. Garrett, who wasn’t privy to the plan of taking the identity at first, was then told in secret.

Garrett was none too happy – he wanted nothing to do with it and insisted on telling the noble lady (who was a right cow) all about the letter of identification. He eventually came around to the idea of going along just to keep the rest of the party out of trouble. However, it’s suspected that having had too possible chances to take armour from a dead body while travelling with the party, he was thinking ‘third times a charm…’.

Completely unapologetic, even when apologising, Garrett made light of the arrow to the shoulder of the poor coachman. Apparently he has such a good aim, that he only wanted to wound the coachman…makes perfect sense. Perfect….sense…..

Soon, they were back on their way to Altdorf…



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