The Enemy Within


The night passed without incident on the barge. When morning arrived, everyone was rather eager to get underway and out of the city. Josef remarked that trouble seemed to follow the party like a hungry puppy. Reiner was inclined to agree.

‘Cursed we are! Cursed!’

This was further supported by the local news that two noble men were murdered in a brawl that night. Everyone guessed that it was the two fop-tastic fairies that they almost had a scuffle with. Because this scuffle would be known among some locals, it was decided that whatever haste being employed to get underway, was not hasty enough. There was no mention of the would-be spies and their demise.

Reiner hated boats and riverfolk in general, but never felt more relieved to be on a boat as it passed out of the dock and beyond the city walls. In fact, everyone was relieved.

Passage was free, in a sense, but everyone needed to help with boat duties. Josef had a first mate, whose wife and child lived on the barge. Garrett, who envisioned some future career as a pirate captain, wanted to help Josef out with nautical duties so he could learn more. Barrick was swabbing the deck, Reiner was doing some carrying, and Thyrann was…resting…or changing the baby, or something.

The main road ran alongside the river, and at times it was close enough to have a conversation. It was at just such a time when a posse of roadwardens happened along. They had come from Altdorf and told the news of the noblemens deaths. Everyone felt like they were being interrogated (which they were), but the roadwardens soon passed on without judgement. A rare occurrence, normally.

It wasn’t long before the ‘cursed’ theory reared its head. And its tentacles. A massive bog octopus attacked the barge. Huge tentacles rose up around all sides of the ship as it grounded to a halt in the middle of the river. The flailing tentacles lashed out at whatever they could find, and at the prow of the ship the massive head and body of the thing rose up, beak snapping.

Josef grabbed the ships harpoon, ran to the prow and started attacking. Reiner was attacked by two tentacles but was holding his ground and beating them back. Barrick…went for a swim. A tentacle wrapped its way around him, lifted him into the air, then plunged him into the river. Garrett and Thyrann decided the best course of action would be to not be in the action. Rushing down below to fetch a barrel of pitch, Garretts plan was to hurl the pitch at the head of the octopus, throw a lantern, set it alight, and burn it into submission. Boats are also flammable, right?
Reiner fought his way forward and attacked. A tentacle eventually got hold of Reiner, but only after a lot of struggling, was the creature able to lift him, and dunk him into the river. All the while, Barrick was drowning.

What felt like an age went by, and finally Garrett and Thyrann emerged from the ships hold, put down their sandwiches and playing cards, saw the octopus, and remembered ‘Oh, right…the barrel!’

Suddenly, a ghostly wind blew across the scene. Thyrann hurled the barrel of pitch, while Garrett chucked the lantern. But it was a wild shot…yet…it didn’t matter. Some other force was at work. It was discovered that Barrick had called to Yohan Gurst, the ghost, to come and save him. Yohan guided the lantern and barrel to its target. The creature burst into flames, releasing both Reiner and the hapless Barrick from its suckered grasp. Garrett then unleased a flurry of arrows into the creature. Dying, the thing sank into the water and both Reiner and Barrick climbed back on board.

Soaked to the skin, Reiner was heard to remark, ‘Cursed we are! Cursed!’

They had used one of their three ghostly cries for help.

Luckily the ship wasn’t damaged and they were soon underway again. Further along the river the noticed a smalled water lough. Normally used to keep various things at bay and out of the used waterways. Clearly the bog octopus had smashed its way through.

The cursed crusaders arrived in Weissbruck, a merchant town half way between Altdorf and Bogenhafen, and the barge was docked. However, barely off the boat and things looked decidedly bad…that ‘spy’ from Altdorf was again standing in a doorway across the way from the docks.

After some debate about approaching him or not, our ill-favoured foursome decided to arrange a watch on the boat, and to place a man on a building of the dock yards as a lookout. The plan was to have the lookout fire a crossbow bolt into the deck of the ship as an alarm.

Garrett took first lookout duties, and Thyrann was next. Not having any crossbow of his own, Thyrann had to borrow Reiners. Something was afoot. Thyrann shot a bolt into the stern of the barge. Readying for battle, Garrett, Barrick and Reiner came out on deck. Men were approaching on both left and right of the dock, and another, the crossbow wielding scarred neck spy, was popping off shots from behind a barrel. Thyrann, in an uncharacteristic show of something, got down from the roof and approached the assassin/spy. Garrett fired off some shots (from the safety of the ship) as Reiner crossed the gangplank. Reiner took a bolt, like a man, from the assassin, and preceded to assault one of the attackers. Barrick fired a bolt off, then drew his sword and followed Reiner across.

Reiner quickly cleaved his man, then made a dart for the assassin leader to help Thyrann. The assassin was cut down swiftly.

Psssst! Who? Me?

The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful.

At the last coaching inn before Altdorf, the party had to change coaches. Garrett tried to mend the once sweet, now bitterly broken, relationship that he shared with the pin cushion coach driver, but it was a lukewarm affair at best.

Having arrived in the capital, they could see the Emperors Palace.

Our happy heroes alighted from the coach in one of the main squares. It was there that two cloaked figures, standing by a fountain, seemed to be watching the group. A wee urchin boy pestered the group, claiming the best tavern in town was just a copper coin away from his palm. Instead they asked about the cloaked figures. The boy seemed nervous. As the party headed to the tavern, the cloaked figures approached them. With a ‘wink wink nudge nudge’ they seemed to be signalling to Barrick.

Barrick, normally used to just seeing a middle finger sign, didn’t understand. The cloaked figures seemed confused. They retreated into a house at the beckon of a man with a large crossbow. When quizzed, the urchin boy recounted that the man was some sort of spy and that he spoke with a rough, almost inaudible voice. A deep scar ran around his neck.

For safety, they decided to go to a different tavern, but just before entering one, an old friend, Josef appeared. A drinking buddy of Reiner and Barrick (though Barrick was now a tea-total wuss), and a barge captain as well.

So instead, they all went to the docks area on Josef’s recommendation of a particular drinking hole.

And hole it was. Josef talked about the current state of affairs in the city. Tax problems with bridges and barges. It was mentioned in The Altdorf Truth.

After a few drinks in the tavern, it wasn’t long before trouble found them – again!

A rough looking gent entered the tavern as the Hooded Man heroes drank and talked about securing passage down the river to Bogenhafen. The office where Barrick was to present his fake identity was there. The original reason for coming to Altdorf was moot – the prince had left a few days prior to the parties arrival.

The scarred and moody gent sat in a corner. Josef spoke of him as being ‘bad news’. Known about the parts for causing trouble. Rather tired of trouble, the group kept their heads down.

It didn’t last long however. Two foppish nobles with their retinue of hired swords entered. The noble twats coerced and annoyed, and tried to get the party to react. The nobles bought the party drinks, but they weren’t for drinking, they were for spilling. Reiner copped on pretty quick to their attempts to antagonise the party, but played it super cool. Preempting a beer shower, he managed to avoid most of the drink spillage. Barrick and Garrett also went along with this, avoiding outrightly insulting the noble fools, and respectfully declining their offer of another round of drinks.

The rough looking ‘gent’ stood up, he was clearly part of this charade. He demanded they all stayput and accept the offer.

The group had no problem with insulting this creep. Reiner stood, a menacing figure, but this hoodlum was menacing enough in his own right. Reiner suggested that the thug take a hike unless he wants trouble. The company of guards suddenly didn’t seem so sure about the situation. The nobles looked on with interest. Either way, they wanted some ‘sport’.

The thug threatened Reiner and co. back. Bad idea. Barrick, who was sitting quietly until then, stood up. Barrick was an even more menacing figure than Reiner (partly due to height, and party due to a hit-every-branch-on-the-way-down look about him). Reiner stated that he was going to let the thug off lightly, despite the threats, but now that Barrick had to trouble himself by standing up, the thug was going to have to pay the price now. That hit home.

The thug suddenly looked uncomfortable and unsure. The fop-to-you-drop nobles tutted, and decided there was no sport to be had here. They all left together. Much merriment ensued from the locals when the troublemakers left. The group were heroes of the dingey little tavern for the night and drinks all round were announced, by Reiner (after much reluctance from the innkeep, they came).

Later the party left, and headed to Josef’s barge. On the way they noticed that they were being followed. Something strange happened then. Two cloaked figures were following, the two who had originally approached them in the square. But then those were assassinated with crossbow bolts!

The group searched the two, and found a tattoo on the chest of both of them. The tattoo was of a purple hand. They also had a letter with a message for Castor Leiberbraum, the person who Barrick was going to pretend to be. It seemed that Castor, was a member of this purple hand crowd. Whoever they are.

Not wanting to hang around and take the blame for the killings, the party quickly caught up with Josef, who was still drunkenly singing his merry way back to the barge. Oblivious to the deaths. They all boarded the barge and arranged a watch for the night, feeling a bit nervous.

In the morning, they would set off for Bogenhafen, where the legal office was for presenting the letter of identity of Castor.

Highway to Mutants

The ghost of Yohan Gurst wanted the adventurers to inform his wife, Greta, of his passing. So they did – with surprising compassion! Normally they’d kick the door in, tell her to shut up and move on – but the fear of Morr was upon them.

‘Be nice to the ghost – he’ll help us later!’

‘So, what were we doing again? Oh yeah! To Altdorf!’

And off they set, again. Time was running out. The prince and his hangers-on would be leaving Altdorf soon, best get going they thought.

After a brief shopping trip, they took passage on the next coach heading south to the capital, Altdorf. Barrick was feeling light of purse, Thyrann’s pouch was bulging with coin. Thyrann secured a seat within the carriage itself, next to a lady of nobility, and her burly female bodybuilding bodyguard. In an uncharacteristic show of friendliness, Thyrann lent Barrick the coach fare so that he, Reiner and Garrett could ride on top of the coach.

[In an alternate reality, Barrick, not feeling grateful for the loan of money, wanted to take Thyrann’s seat inside. There was reports of face palming and everything…]

But Barrick took his rightful place atop the coach.

The coach driver and his security detail finally showed up, and in an all too familiar accent, yelled the horses into action. They were on their merry way…
Artists impression of the coach the hero Reiner and his sidekicks rode upon.
Garrett spent the journey pointing his arrows at the moving leaves. They rustled in fear of ‘Safe-shot’ as the coach trundled past. The road was bumpier than Barricks trousers after the demon encounter, and took its toll as one of the wheels popped off. But with Reiner and Barricks help (Thyrann supervised) the wheel was soon back on.

Further along, a body was seen lying by the roadside. The coach stopped. Something was hunched over the body…eating. The mutant thing turned towards the coach, and rushed it. The horses bolted and broke free of their harness. Garrett recognised the mutant as an old drinking buddy – it was suspected that a night on the town with Garrett had reduced this once normal soul to a flesh eating mutant – but those suspicions remain unproven.

Reiner ‘The Battery’ Wolfcastle, because he is ‘everready’, kicked the beast down off the coach before it could attack the driver. And in a decimating blow, cleaved Garretts mutant friend in two. It was a good kill.

The coach man bravely ran into the woods after the horses. He didn’t have much luck. Garrett ‘Safe-shot’ became Garrett ‘Blind-shot’ as he readied his bow and thumped an arrow into the coachmans shoulder the moment the hapless coachman emerged from the woods.

Much tutting and head shaking ensued.

Garrett noticed that just around the bend in the road ahead, there was a commotion. A battle? He ran towards it, leaving everyone else behind (a recurring theme). Reiner and Barrick took to the treeline and cut through the forest to reach the commotion under cover. They saw an overturned coach, and bodies. Mutant beasts were feasting on the dead travellers.

A battle ensued. Barrick let loose with his crossbow, and Reiner went toe-to-toe with one of the beasts. Garrett fired (from the safety of the tree-line) towards the melee.

One beast remained, and it saw it was outnumbered. It fled, and Garrett went in pursuit…into the woods…deep into the woods. Where those things live. Where all sorts of nasty things live. It ran, and he ran – but being the persistant type, Garrett caught it, and brought back its head – cos he likes to brag.

Meanwhile back at the grisly scene, something very strange was spotted.

One of the dead men from the overturned coach was a dead ringer for Barrick. They searched his body and found he had a letter of identity, a ring, and that he was heir to a noble title and estate, and a sum of 20,000 gold! Cuh-ching! His name was Castor Lieberbraum, and the letter was to be brought to a legal office in the town of Bogenhafen. The town was south of Altdorf, we they were heading in the right direction anyway.

Barrick took about 3 nanoseconds to go along with Thyrann’s insistence that he pretend to be this dead man and claim the money. They all thought it was a capital idea. Until Garrett returned…

Garrett wouldn’t look at the body! Instead he must have remembered from before, that the man being eaten was wearing armour. It had Garrett’s name on it. But before he could graverob, roadwardens appeared. Everyone told their tale, and the roadwardens understood and thanked everyone for their part in slaying the mutants. Garrett was told off by the roadwardens for trying to take armour off the body, so in an uncharacteristic moment of agreement, he left the armour alone.

They buried the bodies, quickly. Not wanting anyone else to see the lookalike corpse, they chucked that man in first, and covered him with others. Garrett, who wasn’t privy to the plan of taking the identity at first, was then told in secret.

Garrett was none too happy – he wanted nothing to do with it and insisted on telling the noble lady (who was a right cow) all about the letter of identification. He eventually came around to the idea of going along just to keep the rest of the party out of trouble. However, it’s suspected that having had too possible chances to take armour from a dead body while travelling with the party, he was thinking ‘third times a charm…’.

Completely unapologetic, even when apologising, Garrett made light of the arrow to the shoulder of the poor coachman. Apparently he has such a good aim, that he only wanted to wound the coachman…makes perfect sense. Perfect….sense…..

Soon, they were back on their way to Altdorf…

Spiders, Cultists and Demons, Oh My!

Barrick and Reiner checked the window of the common room for signs of Garrett but it was too dark to see. Thyrann was dozing on the bed in a useless state.

They realised they could open the window, step onto the roof and hop down into an alley. After some persuasion, Thyrann started to wake up – he was still useless though.

Barrick followed Reiner out the window and safely slid down to the alley to the ground.
[In an alternate reality Thyrann attempted to push Barrick out of the window and down the ground…not quite sure what happened there…]

Thyrann followed them down, and so the brown trousers time began. Reiner bravely led the way, awesome that he was, while Barrick stayed safely behind. Out into the courtyard properly they could see the stable was open, the door swinging in the wind. Reiner and Thyrann checked inside and saw the body. A blood trail led to the back of the stable and up a trapdoor. Garrett was on the coachhouse roof, arrow ready – but all safe and cosy. Barrick remained outside, crossbow ready.

Thyrann hung around in the stable, clearly afraid of what might be around, while the others went back outside. In the courtyard they encountered the monster. A freaky looking half man-spider thing – with a thirst for hero blood. Barrick shot at it and knocked it down from the rooftops. It fell into the alley, then ran towards the group.

But it was outmatched. Reiner and Barrick dealt blows while Garrett fired shots from the safety of the roof. Thyrann supervised. After dispatching that they could suddenly hear a strange chanting sound coming from the inn.

The gang rushed in and found trap door leading down to the cellar. On the way down Reiner was attacked on the stairs, but through skill (and luck) he managed to avoid any serious injuries. They killed the attacker and went further in.

They came across the source of the chanting – Hanz and Otto were trying to summon a demon within a circle marked on the ground. Some of the guests and staff of the inn were tied up and lay around the circle. Some of them were dead.

Hanz and Otto attacked, and Reiner and Barrick held the front line while Garrett fired arrows from the safety of behind them…as usual. Thyrann…was probably filing his nails or something.

Having dispatched both Hanz and Otto, the party approached the circle. In the centre was a strange statue – it was shifting colours, warping before their eyes. They removed the hostages from the ‘temple’ and Reiner, who despises the powers of chaos more than most, decided that the temple could not be left intact.

Afraid to enter the circle, Reiner and Barrick tried to use a rope to knock the statue over. Bad idea. Very bad…it broke and from it sprang a demon! A foul monster of awfulness so awful, that its awfulness could only be described as awful.


Reiner bravely stepped forward, unafraid and attacked. Barrick soiled himself. Garrett fired arrows, again, from the safety of the stairway.

As Reiner dispatched the beast, it split, and changed colour. What was one, became two smaller demons. As Barrick felt a warm trickle down his leg, Reiner and Garrett (from the safety of the stairs) took down both creatures, and then killed the four more than sprang from their corpses. Barrick might have come too at some point, but no one seems to recall.

Eventually they were all dead. During all this, Thyrann was looting bodies – a noble pursuit.

They recovered a chest from the temple. Reiner ‘Demon Slayer’ Wolfcastle rose triumphant from the cellar as the rest helped with the victims. Some were alive. One of the bodies resembled the ghost they encountered in the graveyard. He was killed by Hanz, and Hanz was wearing his attire and armour. The ghost appeared and thanked each member (except Thyrann) for saving his soul. As a reward the ghost told the party that they could call on him three times for help. Yohan Gurst was his name.

They decided it best to let the ghost rest properly, so they wanted to bury the body and its belongings. Garrett however, no stranger to picking the dead, wanted the armour belonging to Yohan – after much debate about not angering Morr etc. Garrett eventually (and reluctantly) agreed to leave the armour alone. Thus began the Legend of Garrett ‘Armour of Morr Safe-Shot’ Desche.

Pleased with the the success of their encounter with the ruinous powers, they gave the victims their gold back from the chest. Thyrann, who had searched the body of Hanz while the rest fought bravely against the evil demon, had found a black ring on the body. Though no one seems to remember what happened to that…I think Reiner smashed it!

The Adventure Begins
Of Ghosts and Hooded Men...

Our tale starts, like all good tales start; the band of merry adventurers seek fame, fortune, and hobbit women.

They all come from the same village – Suderheim- rural town in Talabecland. They grew up together. Fast forward whatever number of years, and here they are – big, burly, and looking for love, I mean a fight. And boy do they find those.

‘Cursed we are. Cursed!’ – Reiner Wolfcastle

Prince Poncy-pants IV is looking for a bunch of brave souls to clean his boots, while he trapes off into the grey mountains in search of Sigmars Herald (a nut job fanatic who is claiming the return of Sigmar is nigh – that means ‘soon’). He garthers his men in Altdorf.

Tired of fishing for frogs and hassling the local ladies, the misguided mob decide that this could be their big break. ‘We must set off for Altdorf at once!’, cried Barrick Mane.

Before they left, they decided one last night on the town was in order. Having got beered up good and twisty-eyed aplenty, they staggered off home. Along the road they passed the village graveyard. Suddenly, a ghostly figure appeared, dressed like a roadwarden, and appearing to have a knife in his back. Fear struck some lesser members of the party, but Barrick was ever the stalwart presence.

‘Find my body…release me…avenge me. Find The Hooded Man.’, said the ghost.

Kissing their mothers goodbye, and packing enough beef jerky to fuel a blood bowl team for weeks, the hapless heroes set off. First stop, The Hooded Man coaching inn. It’s clear that Morr, the god of death, had sent this spirit to the adventurers, and no one wanted to defy Morr.

The journey there was mainly uneventful at least. They paid a bridge toll, and travelled along enjoying the scenery. Ah, the scenery. Dark ancient woods. A storm was brewing, and the rain was pelting down. They had still a ways to go, and strange monstrous cries could be heard from the ominous treeline. The long narrow road seemed to stretch before them…will they ever get there…

Wild things let themselves be heard from the gloom – beasts were hunting, and they sounded like they were getting closer. The party quickened pace.

Soon the welcome site of the coaching inn appeared up ahead. It’s walled exterior was no match for the parties ability to walk around it and enter by the open gateway into the courtyard. Strange…open gate, middle of the night! The ferry shack by the river side was investigated, no one was there, but blood could be seen. Something was amiss.

Garrett slinked off into the dark recesses of the coach inn grounds. Perhaps needing a place to relieve himself. Everyone else could hear sounds of merriment within. Seemed normal again…

Reiner knocked on the door, the rest waited anxiously. Garrett had vanished into the courtyard, somewhere near the stables. The door was opened by Otto, an overweight apron with a bulbous man inside it. A typical looking innkeep. Behind him, further inside, was Hanz, a roadwarden.

They entered, cautiously, and sat. Hanz and Otto talked about the night, asked the parties business, and offered soup. Reiner declined, while Thyrann ate his fill. Drink was offered, and all seemed pleasant, yet, still…something was amiss.

Hanz asked the rain soaked group if they had any more members, but Reiner was wary, and decided to keep the ace called Garrett up his sleeve. He said there was no one else.

A misshapen chap stood behind the bar, mop in hand. Slopping it across the floor. No other guests of the inn were up this late. Reiner wanted to check and see if Garrett had found anything worth knowing outside so he made an excuse and went outside. Garrett confirmed that he found a dead body, possibly the stable boy, in the stables. Things were looking dodgy again…

When Reiner returned, they negotiated the common room for the night. Together, for safety, they shacked up on the upper floor. A point was made to Otto not to lock our door, on pain of being given out to, he grumbled, and left. Reiner barricaded the door with a bed, and took another bed facing the door. Barrick checked the window…Thyrann was souped up to the eyeballs, and fell asleep. Later that night, Otto sneaked up to the door, and locked it. Hanz and Otto wondered where someone they knew had got to. Was it the stable boy they were talking about?

Outside, in the dark, Garrett was stalking. He realised he wasn’t alone…was there something else out there with him…

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